Unlike schools, colleges are having entirely different functionality a good strength decides the long form functions & stability of any institute, thus also increases its administration work. Here we are with complete  campus management software, now get an effortless data management solution. college is a vast campus getting reports for there continuous evaluation  is bulky effort in manual process.

Now, in campus management software just go on doing day to day entries, required misreports gets updated & viewed  by management at different hierarchy  from any where & at any given point of time.

A college degree is most important  & need great attention in a students life as the next step from the college is the door step of their future. parents are more concern about this children at this age.

parents gets daily updates on their child's campus activities & performances. can get alerts on their absents & can take quick actions. the unique username & password allows parents to access the campus from any where & at any given point of time view their child's progress report of current academics as well as previous results . and many much more..

Student Management

Student Management feature maintain student life-cycle for their entire academic curriculum. This module is used for complete student record keeping right from their admission till Alumni. Each activity of the student is recorded in here electronically.

Students’ data are stored and managed in systematic way without duplication.

A complete Academic Tour of each student in simple clicks

Complete academic cycle of each student is recorded electronically for ease access & availability at any given point of time

  • Enquires & follow-ups
  • Admission & section allotment
  • Students profile
  • Automated TC generation
  • Student summary report


Staff Management

Employers are equally important to the students of an institute and thus their records & performance are also real assets.

The Organization Performance is decided & reputed in public by the academic results of their students. And this is possible only by timely evaluation of Teachers & other staffs weak & strong performance. Otherwise all this get affected in teaching department or students get affected in their progress.

This is possible only if Management get instant reports & tracking of employees, that’s only possible by a strong system implementation & that is what this feature provides

Complete academic tour of an employee

Transport management

  • Complete transport management
  • No. Of vehicles
  • Route management
  • Details of route wise stoppage
  • Fee collection
  • Fee collection reports
    • Day wise
    • Month wise
    • Route wise
    • Bus wise

Fee management

Fees Management is a very tedious job since need to take care a lot while taking fees, as financial records and maintenance is very important task in any institute.

Fees Management is completely managed on the base of the fee categories. So clerical staffs need not to remember each and every student’s fee category. This system will identify student upon his/her category and same fees will appear on the screen. The system will identify the student, his current status, his fees history and on the basis of the records it will calculate the payable amount automatically. Any kind of old record which is inputted in the system can be generated through reports at any time in future.

Different fee reports can be generated from the system.

Time table management

Time-Table Generation is the major headache of any institution. With this you can easily prepare your time-table for different class and divisions. The students can also be divided in Batch / Division in academic management. Hence, Time-Table Management Module will enable you to create time-table for each division or batch.

One time input of the basic information is enough. Teachers, class periods, class teachers & subject teachers, this basic information enable the generation of time table.

Administrator can be able to modify time table on need basis

Generates class wise/teacher wise time table report.

Exam management

Exam is the ultimate method of the evaluation of the student in the education system. The progress-card defines the performance of the student in each subject and criteria.

More than one user are involved in this process

  • Exam creation by admin
  • Exam attendance by class in charge
  • Mark entry by subject in-charge
  • Mark publishers
  • Progress report generation
  • Rank list generation

We focused to provide you the best interface to manage your entire examination system. In this feature Exam management, complete process right from exam dates, decision making till declaration of result is easily and smoothly managed. Benefits: Highly secured easy and smooth and smart work maintains marks record and attendance record. No duplication, User friendly. Parents & management gets instant multiple progress reports.

Attendance Management

Student’s attendance management system allows you to manage & maintain records for each & every student’s daily periodic, hourly attendance leaves, etc. Staff attendance is also managed & maintained in a proper manner. Reports of these gives the management a clear picture on staffs & students performance on attendance basis.

Generate different attendance reports:

  • Student wise summary of attendance
  • Date wise complete report
  • Monthly report
  • Subject wise reports
  • Complete academic attendance

Library management

Library is a separate login with complete library function of a librarian. Detailed options to

  • Membership
  • Add book information’s
  • Purchasing process
  • Book availability checking
  • Manage unlimited books
  • Automatic fine calculation
  • Multiple reports generation,
  • Easy search options.
  • Location wise allocation.
  • & much more

Front office management

This module allows the front office executives to manage visitors, track visitors record, follow-ups enquires, news, events, updating to website, gallery updates to websites & many more. Mail, message communications with in & outside institute.

Inventory management

This feature makes the procurement process easy functioning, transparent but authenticated.

Procurement process includes:

  • Purchase requisitions & approvals
  • Purchase orders generation against approved requisitions
  • Purchase entry against orders
  • Automatic Stock addition location wise
  • Sales against stock
  • Multiple report generation


Communicating with Students, Parents and Staff is easier with this feature which provides built-in facility to send Bulk SMS and e-Mail. Automatically maintained portals empower administration to facilitate key entities of the organization.

  • Single SMS
  • Bulk SMS
  • Single e-Mail
  • Bulk e-Mail facility

Hostel management

Hostel is a major part of an institute. This module alloues complete hostel management. This modul is also interested into th fees & accounts so that it gets posted into accounts automatically. This modules allows to keep record of hostel allocation of room fee stroctuve settings & many more "vistors management to vacating" of hostel room gets managed hereby

Accounts management

Money related activities are scheduled in a separate login i.e., Accountant login.

Fee collection, Transport fee Collection, Inventory entries all gets automatically posting to accounts.

User-friendly, can be handled easily by a non-accountant too


  • Trial balance
  • P & L account
  • Day book
  • Cash book
  • Balance sheet

Payroll management

For processing staff salary time to time, keeping record of their leaves, overtime, performance, attendance and etc. is a major work & there will be always a chance of manual error.

Using Payroll management feature this task can be easily performed with ease and accuracy. Employee Attendance, Allowances, Deductions, Overtime etc, all are managed systematically. Employee attendance, Increment settings, Leave updations etc are integrated with Payroll management so no need of any manual checking. Hence manual errors are eliminated. Thus organization will be quite knowing about their income and expenses easily.